Chemical Manufacturing

When you work with chemicals each day, you know that bringing a product to its final form is a continuous, complex process.  In an environment that may expose you to chemical explosions, safety must be the true state of matter.  For protective products and customized service that go beyond a basic solution, choose Tyndale.

From plastics to pigments to perfume, our country’s economy depends on a large extent on the dedication and expertise of workers in chemical manufacturing.  Workers in this field know that each product involves a long and complex process that requires timeliness, focus, and detail-orientation.  Your workplace may be equally complex, with flash fire and chemical explosions inherent in your everyday work.

Products You Need

Tyndale knows that even the simplest chemical process is not really simple at all; it requires the talent and resources of dozens of different occupations.  In an environment where ions and molecules mean the difference between baking soda and peroxide, we deliver clothing that calibrates to your equation—with a full line of flash fire rated products to help protect against the dangers of chemical explosions inherent in chemical manufacturing.

Tyndale has the flexibility to provide one uniform look for all your employees or a variety of supervisor-approved garments to choose from—and everything in between.  Our products include the following:

  • FR Lab Coats
  • Comfortable, Breathable HRC2 Shirts
  • Cargo Pants and Jeans 

Services You Deserve

Tyndale’s apparel services are tailored to take the hassle out of safety compliance—delivering a compound solution that enables you to focus on the unique products that allow us to brush our teeth, take our cold medicine, and paint our houses.  Our programs include the following customizable, value-added services to help provide convenience and protection:

  • Customized Reporting and Invoicing
  • Customized Online Ordering Site
  • Fully Customized Color Catalog
  • No-hassle Returns
  • Individualized Delivery to the Location of Your Choice
  • 100% Budget Control
  • Experienced Management Service

Laundering Solutions

Tyndale offers a laundering cost-savings analysis to help determine the best laundering solutions for your company.  If you require industrial laundering services, Tyndale provides no-hassle, complete laundry program management that holds us—not you— accountable for the program’s success. 

 Knowledge You Can Depend On

Tyndale has over a quarter century of experience!  You can depend on us to stay educated on the latest standards, regulations, and products—and to have the integrity to deliver on all of our promises.  Call us today for a free cost-savings analysis or to establish your customized FR clothing program.

 Do you have employees who need uniform apparel or work wear without protective capabilities?  Click here to browse some of our high quality products from top suppliers.





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