NFPA 2112

NFPA 2112 specifies the minimum design, performance, certification requirements, and test methods for flame-resistant garments for use in areas at risk from flash fires. 

  • NFPA 2112 establishes specific criteria for testing garments using the ASTM F1930 test method and the ASTM D6413 test method.
  • Under ASTM F1930, a pass/fail criteria of 50% body burn - fabrics or fabric systems that achieve 50% predicted body burn or less under these conditions can be said to pass the performance requirements of 2112.  Garments are exposed to a 3 second burn exposure at 2.02 cal/cm2 and the total predicted body burn is measured. Garments under  the ASTM D6413 test method are constructed in a size 40-RG coverall configuration based on a standard pattern, fitted to a thermal mannequin, and tested over 100% cotton t-shirt and briefs.  Tyndale's "Flash Fire Rated" clothing is defined as having 50% or less predicted body burn in 3 seconds, according to the specifications of NFPA 2112 (ASTM F1930 test method).
  • The fabric must not melt, drip, or have more than 2 seconds afterflame or 4.0 inches char length when tested and after 25 launderings when using ASTM D6413 test method. 
  • Note: NFPA 2112 requires a maximum 4-inch char length when a garment is tested according to ASTM D6413.  ASTM F1506, (Standard Performance Specification for Flame Resistant Textile Materials for Wearing Apparel for Use by Electrical Workers Exposed to Momentary Arc and Related Thermal Hazards) requires a maximum 6-inch char length when ASTM D6413 is used. 

NFPA 2112 requires the following:

  • All garments must have a product label or labels permanently and conspicuously attached to each flame-resistant garment.
  • All garments labeled as compliant with NFPA 2112 must meet or exceed all applicable requirements specified in this standard and shall be UL certified
  • The UL certification organization’s label, symbol, or identifying mark shall be attached to the product label, be part of the product label, or be immediately adjacent to the product label.
  • NFPA 2112 outlines 17 test methods, including: flame resistance, manikin testing, thermal shrinkage resistance, heat resistance and a host of other tests.

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