Railway Transportation

In the railway industry, protective apparel is essential.  Don’t let your uniform program uncouple your bottom line; choose Tyndale to get you on the right track!  We aren’t just any common carrier.

The railway industry connects us to products and people at every hour of the day and night.  Whether you are a railroad signal maintainer or switch operator, your job helps keep the essentials moving to their final destination.   Don’t let stopping for safety put a brakeline in your operations.

Products You Need

Projected by the US Department of Transportation to increase by 88% by 2035, the rail industry is becoming an increasingly integral part of our daily lives.  Among the potential hazards that rail workers face, arc flash, low visibility, and impact may be among the most severe.  Tyndale carries products that allow you to offload the risks involved in the rail industry so that you can do what you do best: crossing the paths of products and people.

Our garments offer warmth, durability, and brand awareness—keeping you in compliance with the standards while offering full protection from the elements—from cold weather to deadly arc flash incidents.  Although railways are currently exempt from NFPA 70E, top railroads across the US are making the switch to safety by choosing Tyndale to manage their FR clothing programs.

Here are just some of the products we offer:

  • A full ine of 100% Made-in-the-USA garments
  • Coveralls
  • All-weather shirts and jackets
  • Comfortable raingear

The “Made in the USA” Choice

In a difficult economy, keeping jobs in the United States and complying with the “Buy American Act” is more important than ever.  When you choose Tyndale, you have the option to wear garments from our 100% “Made in the USA” Tyndale line—keeping jobs at home, where they belong. 

Services You Deserve

In the rail industry, efficiency and timeliness are an essential factor in conducting your business.  You can count on us to couple fast, friendly service with stellar products.  Our programs include the following customizable, value-added services to help provide convenience and protection:

  • Customized Reporting and Invoicing
  • Customized Online Ordering Site
  • Fully Customized Color Catalog
  • No-hassle Returns
  • Individualized Delivery to the Location of Your Choice
  • 100% Budget Control
  • Experienced Management Service

Knowledge You Can Depend On

Tyndale is the largest company in the United States with a focus in FR clothing.  We count several leading railroads among our happy customers.  With over 25 years of experience, Tyndale delivers a customized program that couples your needs with our expertise.  Call us today for a free cost-savings analysis or to establish your customized FR clothing program.

Do you have employees who need uniform apparel or work wear without protective capabilities?  Click here to browse some of our high quality products from top suppliers.





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